Wien Museum, Vienna

AT, 2015, in collaboration with Ursula Knappl, Yvonne Biering, Ludovic Marx, Christoph Köhler

Submission for an open architectural competition to design an extension for the Wien Museum, a historical museum located at the central Karlsplatz in Vienna.
 Our submission was characterized by the following elements: Introduction of an open space directly in front of the museum. This clear area, occupying a prestigious position next to the Viennese landmark Karlskirche (St. Charles Church) could serve multiple uses, notably as a space for open-air concerts and unstructured leisure activities.
 A ramp-like structure extending beneath the Karlsplatz including new space for exhibitions and the main atrium.
 The roof of the museum would be reimagined as a public space for relaxation and play, extending the park-like area surrounding the museum to include the very structure of the museum itself. The terrace would offer a new and impressive view on the Karlskirche and Karlsplatz.