Security Center Meidling

A, 2022, our team: Jan Proksa, Eva Neumayerova, Felix Siegrist in collaboration with Schütz ZT GmbH – Fabian Schütz, David Cappo, Iva Shokoska

A new city structure emerges from the interplay of smooth differences in the urban line. As the height changes between the central buildings, spaces begin to materialize and add their own character to the ensemble.
 The main concept describes a multi-level urban space:
 The “town beneath the town” is an efficient logistic machine serving the office blocks. Above this, the green city at street level echoes the motion of its pedestrians as it responds to the height of the surrounding buildings.
 Up beyond the roofs, the sky borders on a new “town above the town.” Seven tall buildings, offset from one another, frame the plot of this triangular space. While the roof levels open into terraces for employees, the middle floor runs organically along the seam between the two towns.