Extension of the pedagogic secondary school in Salzburg

A, 2022, our team: Jan Proksa, Felix Siegrist, Alexander Gnan, Eva Harlenderova Landscape: YEWO Landscapes GmbH

Our contribution to an open-call competition in Salzburg. Together with the landscape architects YEWO, we designed an extension to the pedagogic secondary school in the suburban area south of Salzburg. The school was originally built as a concrete skeleton in the 1960s. The old courtyard of the pedagogic secondary school opens towards the primary school, creating an urban space between the two school buildings. The result of this gesture is a modern concept of a school that is compact and sustainable.
 The design of the school is clean and uncluttered, with the space divided into two functional learning clusters per floor. Light floods in through the twin atriums, reaching all the way through to the lower floors. The functions of each floor can be changed or adapted if needed, as the skeleton design of the old and new constructions offer the possibility of changing both the function and flexible order of the rooms.