Reconstruction of a cultural center in Vodňany

CZ, 2012, in collaboration with Annette Grosskinsky and Štěpánka Šmídová (landscape design)

The park and the cultural centre in Vodňany, CZ, have the atmosphere of the communistic seventies—illogical and complicated volumes of the cultural house and the topsy-turvy park around.
 The house is there alone, in the middle of the park, not far from the main train and bus station. It is placed on the axis between the centre of the town and the residential area in the south. In fact, this park should be the ideal place to meet. But because of its ugly conception it is not. The reason is not only the building itself. It is also the unsolved park.

In the design we focus on the landscape planning and a suitable solution for the surfaces and paths. The new house is to become a cultural pavilion. Just like the original object, it is also the only house in the park. But now it is in a symbiosis with the park. The new building welcomes the people via its terraces and open spaces. It offers a simple urban solution. The multifunctional box stays in the middle. Around it there is a curved space coffee, library, clubs etc. Its organic shape fits well into the park. It is the dominant of the park but also its partner. It is a compact, designed space.
 The system of ramps allows one to use the roof as well. Its wooden surface resonates with the concept of the park and offers a delightful place to rest. In the summer it serves as an open-air cinema. The semi-private space of the courtyard creates an ideal space for mothers with their children.