Primary School Riethüsli

CH, 2012, in collaboration with Renate Rödel and Štěpánka Šmídová (landscape design)

Open architectural competition in St.Gallen, CH, for a new primary school. Demanding program in a nice and calm area.
 The school is not only a place to «torture» the pupils: Each function is given its own building. The design of the landscape creates new public, semi-public, and open spaces for children. It is a place for learning and for free time activities.
 The gym is placed at the side of the main street and is integrated into the slope of the street. It splits the plot into two symbolic parts: a part with the gym oriented towards the street and a calm part with the school. The gym and its roof also serve for free time and sport activities — not only for the pupils, but also for the public.
 The school is placed behind the gym and also interacts with the slope — it partly penetrates it and partly is erected above it.
 There is a semi-public plaza in between, with an old oak-tree in the middle — making for a dramatic entrance to the school. Next to the gym there is a protected ground for a kindergarten.
  Through this symbiosis of the school and the slope it was possible to orient the classrooms in the west-east direction and get the best light possible. Every classroom has a balcony and a connection to the outdoor terraces. Inside there are spaces dedicated to collaboration among classes.
 The kindergarten is the smallest building. It must be safe, it must be attractive, and it must be private.