New Center for Svatobořice-Mistřín

CZ, 2008, in collaboration with Lucie Vencelidesová. 2nd prize in the architectural competition Petr Parléř 2008.

The region of South Moravia, CZ, has a strong cultural and folklore tradition, associated with costumes, wine, and cimbalom-based music. The people of Svatobořice-Mistřín maintain this tradition. The village is built along a single road and has no spaces for large social gathering. Its urban planning does not offer a central plaza.

For the design of a new centre we used the typology of long narrow plots. They are developed to be a new grid for the center of the village. This structure is reminiscent of vineyards—a symbol of the South Moravian Region. The character of vineyards changes during the year but is always charming.
 The regular rid creates a module for the new buildings and activities. The new «park» offers spaces for social events and for everyday life. The vineyard is thus getting a new interpretation and reacts on actual needs of the inhabitants.
 There are new buildings for the support of tourism—an information centre, a hotel, a museum, a new restaurant, but also buildings for everyday life—a post office, a bike rental, multifunctional spaces, clubs etc. There is a parking solution for both the locals as well as for the visitors.