Primary School in Komorany

CZ, 2021, in collaboration with Baumschlager Eberle Architekten

This primary school forms a link between town and nature, valley and hills. Emerging effortlessly from the southern terrain, the new school complex opens out onto the urban from the woodlands. Its terraces and courtyards are easy to access. They are full of green plants.
 The entrance to the school, located between the two main sections of the building, shields its young students from the main street. At the center of the courtyard, trees and a garden draw light in toward the two-complex-story entrance hall. This area serves as the functional and communication center of the school, while also acting as a meeting point and a space for larger performances.
 The school corridors, with their friendly and inviting wooden surfaces, also function as play spaces. They can also be used as outdoor classrooms with enough space for children to interact organically.
 The school’s outdoor sport facilities are directly accessible from the street, so that they may also be used by the general public over the weekend. This area provides additional access to the large school gymnasium, which can then be used independently of the opening hours of the school.
 The complex is characterized by its massive wooden construction and concrete walls. It is this wooden appearance which enables it to harmonize fully with its forest surroundings. The wood cladding facade encloses a thermal insulation made from ecological materials.