Interior: Kindergarten, Břeclav

CZ, 2012, in collaboration with Jan Kovářík

The design of the interior of a kindergarten in Břeclav, CZ, is inspired by children's paintings and graffiti. Our main goal was to create a cheerful and healthy space. The main room is situated in the ground floor of a new residential building in Břeclav. It is a room that is optically divided by the ceiling joists.
 The colorful drawings help create an intimate and familiar atmosphere. They divide the ceiling into three colorful parts—blue, yellow, and green.
 The same colors are also used on the furniture. The shape of the furniture is simple, which makes it possible to move it around and thus create new spaces. The main component are the 40×40cm cubes. These serve for playing and also as children’s closets. There are six tables designed in a similar style.
 The floor is made of lino. It was chosen to be in a warm color, which resonates with the familiar atmosphere of the main room.