House: Tereza

CZ, 2013–2018 (under construction)

A radical reconstruction. The family house of a young couple in the Southern Moravia area of the Czech Republic. A new life together—what will remain from their previous lives and what will be invented new? What will remain of the previous structure and what will be newly constructed?
 The traditional profile of a Moravian L-shaped house will remain the same. The façade facing the street will remain the same. The functional storage area in the backyard will remain the same.
 However, the heart of the house, the main living area is changed. A new space emerges, opening towards the roof, towards the sky. A foreign object, an alien structure extends the roof—introducing a new tension, a new balance, in the most intimate section of the house. Seen from the outside, it expands upwards and out from the roof. Its matte-reflective surface becomes a shadow box, a confident assertion of the bold new structural harmony.
 This house is bold as a family is bold. Courageous and friendly, its open kitchen and corner opened to the courtyard facilitate the playful interaction of living spaces and outdoor—indoor transitions. On the upper floor, the use of large windows and a passageway to the winter garden continues the playful incorporation of outdoor elements.