House: Felix

AT, 2014–2016, in collaboration with Ursula Knappl

Study for the extension of an existing house in Lower Austria. The challenge in this reconstruction was to introduce as much privacy as possible, as the house is situated on a corner plot and is thus visible from all sides.
 Seclusion is central to the experience of the new building. The addition takes a flexible approach to its corner plot position, extending beyond the corner’s confines to create a semi-private space. A private entrance, offset from public view, opens onto a simple open-plan ground floor.
 The introduction of a cantilevered roof intimately traces the profile of the old house, contributing much of the structure’s new volume. The sizes of the windows, visible from the outside, correspond to the relative need for privacy of the rooms within—the living room having the largest windows, while the bathroom has the smallest.
 The use of black rubber for the façade is a strong aesthetic statement, in addition to its durability. It completes the existing house, as a dark shadow complements a highly visible object.